What shouldn’t be forgotten while being in Egypt?

The facts are that many Poles consider going to a country like Egypt. Places for sightseeing there are truly magical… Would you like to go there for example for your next vacation? Is it expensive? Not necessarily. In that aspect, everything depends on you. If you will do a proper research, you will surely find a tour agency that will prepare you a good offer. Currently, there is a big competition in that field, so tourists can get a very decent offer. What else should be remembered?

In Egypt weather is brilliant all year long, and that’s very important for every tourist. If you go there right now, you would spot the difference in temperatures. Surely, you can count on a good weather and lots of sun. Even if in our country weather isn’t the best, Egypt doesn’t struggle with low temperatures. Why else people choose Egypt? Egypt has lots to offer when it comes to sightseeing.

Many interesting places are possible to see in Cairo, which is a capital of that African country. What can be seen there? We recommend the National Museum, especially that it is possible to see there various exhibitions from ancient times. Additionally, it is worth visiting the Cairo Tower and a Mosque of Muhammad Ali. Cairo is also full of churches and open markets. People from Europe are usually very interested in visiting that places, as it is possible to see how it looks like on a different continent.

If you are going to be in Egypt, it is impossible to skip Giza. Why? Because this is the place where famous Pyramids are located. It is obvious that those monuments are strictly linked with the culture of Egypt. What else can be seen in Giza? Definitely the monument of a big Sphinx. In that African country, tourists can see many interesting places. It is not surprising that each year, more and more people decide to spend their vacation in there. www

Egypt – a place good for sightseeing